Ash and Innocence Series by Penelope Bloom

4.01 · 21 ratings
  • Ruthless Love (Ash and Innocence #1)

    Ruthless Love (Ash and Innocence #1)

    Penelope Bloom

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    I’m the girl nobody sees. That is, until I move next door to Parker High’s most eligible bastard, Tristan Blackwood. He’s gorgeous. Eyes as cold as moonlight. Lips made for cruel kisses. The entire town knows it, too. Apparently being able to throw a football elevates you to god status around here. He could have anything he wanted. Anyone. But somehow, all he wanted was to torment me... more

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  • Savage love (Ash and Innocence #2)

    Savage love (Ash and Innocence #2)

    Penelope Bloom

    · 7 ratings · published 2020

    He was practically a god to them, and I was nothing. They saw me as the scarred, broken girl who had run from tragedy. And he thinks he can break me. Torment me. Claim me. He says he'll steal my heart, whether I like it or not. But my heart can only be given. And he'll have to earn every piece of it. Fire is a funny thing. It can destroy, but those few things that survive it come out stronger. They're hardened. Unbreakable. I survived... more

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