Omega Academy Trilogy Series by Lily Archer

4.26 · 18 ratings
  • Omega Academy (Omega Academy Trilogy #1)

    Omega Academy (Omega Academy Trilogy #1)

    Lily Archer

    · 10 ratings · published 2019

    Drawing, my online clan, and planning my escape from my mother--these are priorities. Or, at least they were, until three huge alien males came to abduct me and take me to their planet. But it's not just a simple process of probing and then releasing me back to Earth. All those movies are lies. These three males keep me. And I'm suddenly a cadet at an Omega Academy where I'm supposed to learn how to serve the Gretar Fleet... more

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  • The Circle (Omega Academy Trilogy #2)

    The Circle (Omega Academy Trilogy #2)

    Lily Archer

    · 8 ratings · published 2020

    Joining with my Alphas has changed me at my most basic levels. I can't seem to control my powers, but with Jeren, Kyte, and Ceredes at my side, I think I'll eventually stop with the accidental outbursts of lethal energy. Hopefully. But my powers aren't the only problems: I have an Omega who wants me dead, a Sentient who is still trying to kidnap me, and an undeniable need to mate with my Alphas... more

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