Prodigium Academy Series by Katie May

4.32 · 68 ratings
  • Monsters (Prodigium Academy #1)

    Monsters (Prodigium Academy #1)

    Katie May

    · 20 ratings · published 2019

    As the daughter of Dracula, you would think I’d be born the perfect monster. You couldn’t be more wrong. As far as monsters go, I’m a screw up—if I’m not tripping over my own feet, I’m accidentally murdering someone (it’s a real issue, guys). Left with no choice, Dad decides to send me to Prodigium—otherwise known as Monster Academy—to train me on how to be a better monster. When bodies turn up on campus, I’m the prime suspect (not that I can blame them... more

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  • Roaring (Prodigium Academy #2)

    Roaring (Prodigium Academy #2)

    Katie May

    · 17 ratings · published 2022

    What I thought would happen during my time at Monster Academy: long walks on the beach, a murder spree or two, and find a nice vampire to settle down with.What actually happened during my time at Monster Academy: kidnapped by my headmaster and later by my sadistic sister, developed feelings for an eccentric group of monsters, and accidentally started an anti-vampire movement. Oh, and discovered I might not actually be a vampire.My dad—Dracula—is being evasive and refusing to answer my questions... more

  • Venom (Prodigium Academy #3)

    Venom (Prodigium Academy #3)

    Katie May

    · 13 ratings · published 2021

    My life’s a lie.Yes, I have a flair for the dramatic, but that’s not the case this time around.Dracula has been lying to me, and now, we’re both going to pay the price.Kidnapped by Mason’s mom, the infamous Medusa, I discover even more secrets concerning my lineage and future. And these secrets?They could completely annihilate the worldTo make matters worse, our group has been fractured.Jack and Hux are acting suspicious.Dimitri Gray’s behaving like a raging asshole.Barret’s being cagy... more

  • Fangs (Prodigium Academy #4)

    Fangs (Prodigium Academy #4)

    Katie May

    · 9 ratings · published 2022

    So, here's the deal.I got locked up for a crime I totally committed. Yup. Your girl stabbed a ho...or four. Stabbed, maimed, ate, slaughtered. You get the picture.Not what you expected to hear from me, huh?But everything changes when I'm broken out of Prodigium Academy by the exact man I've been trying to hide from: Lucifer. Aka, my sperm donor. Aka, the man who tried to kill me as a baby. Fun times, right?With a few simple words, everything changes... more

  • Blood (Prodigium Academy #5)

    Blood (Prodigium Academy #5)

    Katie May

    · 9 ratings · published 2023

    One of my mates is dead. The rest of them have been taken hostage. And me? I’m just a crazy demon-goddess on a warpath. Zeus has gone too far this time. There are some things I can forgive, but this isn’t one of them. My only option is to recruit an army of monsters to destroy the god who’s supposed to rule over us all. In order to do that, I have to make two trips. First, I must visit the monster council—who all hate vampires—and beg for their help in the battle to come... more

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