Truth And Dare Duet Series by Lylah James

4.03 · 39 ratings
  • Do You Dare? (Truth And Dare Duet #1)

    Do You Dare? (Truth And Dare Duet #1)

    Lylah James

    · 22 ratings · published 2019

    What happens when a dare goes too far?Maddox Coulter. Reckless bad boy. Infamous playboy. My nemesis. And now my best friend.I know he'll never leave me hanging. He knows I'll never refuse a dare. Everywhere we go we turn heads, but it's not like that.Until it is.For one of us, anyway.I've always known he would be my downfall. But I trusted him to catch me.He proved me wrong.Maddox has gone too far, and I don't know if I want to rein him in or push us further into dangerous territory... more

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  • I DARE YOU (Truth And Dare Duet #2)

    I DARE YOU (Truth And Dare Duet #2)

    Lylah James

    · 17 ratings · published 2020

    Enemies to best friends to loversMaddox Coulter.Was my enemy. Now my best friend.You know him... Popular jock, rich enough to buy a town and a modern day casanova with a dirty smirk.He's every girl's wet dream. But he wants me.Maddox needs me.One night of untamed passion has us dangling over the edge of something dangerous and it could forever break us.Our hearts are on the line.Maddox is keeping secrets... more

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