Bailey Brothers Series by Claire Kingsley

4.21 · 135 ratings
  • Protecting You (Bailey Brothers #1)

    Protecting You (Bailey Brothers #1)

    Claire Kingsley

    · 29 ratings · published 2020

    One night brings them together. Another night tears them apart.Grace Miles misses her easy friendship with Asher, but growing up means growing apart. And really, how could he fall for her when they spent their childhood getting muddy in the creek and splitting sticks of gum? But this summer, something feels different. If Grace didn’t know better, she’d think Asher was flirting with her... more

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  • Fighting for Us (Bailey Brothers #2)

    Fighting for Us (Bailey Brothers #2)

    Claire Kingsley

    · 26 ratings · published 2020

    How long would you wait for the love of your life? The Asher Bailey who comes home to his quirky small town isn’t the same man who put a ring on Grace’s finger. He’s bigger, harder, haunted. Forced to give up Grace and everything else that was good in his life for a prison sentence he barely survived. Now that he’s home, he finds himself aggressively welcomed by his brothers and gleefully gossiped about by his neighbors. He’d counted on both... more

  • Rushing In (Bailey Brothers #4)

    Rushing In (Bailey Brothers #4)

    Claire Kingsley

    · 24 ratings · published 2020

    She’s the one girl he can’t have. With his dimpled grin and devilish charm, firefighter Gavin Bailey is hot as a five-alarm fire and twice as dangerous. The youngest of five brothers, he’s the daredevil of the family. Until the unexpected strikes and he finds himself sidelined. Skylar Stanley’s life didn’t just fall apart. It exploded. Spectacularly. Dropped by her publisher and her agent, and dumped by her boyfriend, she suddenly has no place to live and a career circling the drain... more

  • Chasing Her Fire (Bailey Brothers #5)

    Chasing Her Fire (Bailey Brothers #5)

    Claire Kingsley

    · 29 ratings · published 2021

    Sexy firefighter Logan Bailey is an expert at putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff—on and off duty. But he just did the unthinkable, and it wasn’t trading in his tube socks. He slept with his nemesis. His mortal enemy. The crazy redhead he loves to hate. Cara Goulding.And no matter how much he wants to lie to himself, he has to admit, it was mind-blowing.Cara will not be tempted by the one night she spent with prince dickhead—even if her traitorous body remembers every earth-shattering moment... more

  • Rewriting the Stars (Bailey Brothers #6)

    Rewriting the Stars (Bailey Brothers #6)

    Claire Kingsley

    · 27 ratings · published 2022

    Firefighter Levi Bailey is used to being alone. Not that he’s lonely. How could he be, with a band of unruly brothers, and their wives and growing families. Maybe he’s the odd man out. The one brother who isn’t destined to be with his soulmate.Besides, he has her.She’s his Juliet, the only woman in the world he can’t ever have. To an outsider, it probably seems crazy. But the Tilikum town feud is no joke—especially now—and Annika Haven is strictly forbidden... more

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