Shifted Love Series by Fiona Davenport

4.15 · 112 ratings
  • Her Alpha (Shifted Love #2)

    Her Alpha (Shifted Love #2)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 18 ratings · published 2020

    When Larissa Nash went looking for her best friend, she never expected to find her in a town full of shifters. She didn’t even know they existed until Kace Lowell clued her in on the secret by shifting into his wolf. Mating a human was complicated for the alpha of the pack, but Kace was more than ready to take on anyone who dared to challenge Larissa’s place in his life.

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  • Her Tiger (Shifted Love #3)

    Her Tiger (Shifted Love #3)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    Calliope Taft has wanted a hunky shifter of her own ever since her best friends let her in on the secret of their existence. Just when she started to give up hope, a sexy tiger shifter claimed her as his own.Tane Ruslan hadn’t expected to find his fated mate right across the street when he returned home to Timber Ridge. Now that Calliope was where she belonged—with him—Tane intended to make all her dreams come true...and keep her safe from the bad guys who came looking for her.

  • Her Mate (Shifted Love #4)

    Her Mate (Shifted Love #4)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    Luke Besnik wasn’t looking forward to visiting the Badlands Territory. His alpha has given him the impossible task of talking some sense into his selfish sister. But the moment he met Adley Hoyt, his trip was more than worthwhile.
Adley has yearned for a fated mate ever since her adopted parents told her about shifters. Just when she almost gave up hope, Luke turned up in town... more

  • Her Fate (Shifted Love #5)

    Her Fate (Shifted Love #5)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 13 ratings · published 2021

    Trinity Ruslan wasn’t a fan of small towns or wolf shifters. And she really didn’t like the pack that lured her little brother away from his family. Timber Ridge was the last place she wanted to visit, but she couldn’t resist the chance to name her newest niece or nephew.Damon Kemp never expected to find his fated mate. Not with the awful luck the males of his family had. But he got the best shock of his life when he caught Trinity’s scent and realized she was his destiny... more

  • Her Destiny (Shifted Love #6)

    Her Destiny (Shifted Love #6)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    Peppa Leander was rising star in the Chicago restaurant scene, but she was tired of kitchen politics. And working with too many humans. The offer to become the head chef for a new restaurant in Timber Ridge came at the perfect time.Cason Kemp assumed he’d remain mateless for the rest of his life. Feeling at odds with his wolf, he was giving serious thought to joining a smaller pack who lived a more primitive lifestyle out in the wilderness... more

  • Her Falcon (Shifted Love #7)

    Her Falcon (Shifted Love #7)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 11 ratings · published 2022

    After spending nearly a year in captivity, Ramsey Altair needed time to heal. Although she had long dreamed of finding her fated mate, she wasn’t prepared to face the man who might belong to her so soon after being rescued. Feeling as though she had no other choice, she fled his pack before they could meet.Aero Covey refused to be deterred. Once he realized the faint scent he’d caught in his town was his fated mate, nothing was going to stop him from finding her.

  • Her Loner (Shifted Love #8)

    Her Loner (Shifted Love #8)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    Thora Ferguson didn’t know shifters existed until she moved to Timber Ridge. But seeing how mates treated each other, she couldn’t help but want one of her own.After a decade as a lone wolf, Rome Coinin didn't expect the pack he joined five years ago would eventually lead him to his mate. But there was no doubting the pretty little chef was fated to be his. And now that he’d found her, nobody was ever going to come between them.

  • Her Grizzly (Shifted Love #9)

    Her Grizzly (Shifted Love #9)

    Fiona Davenport

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    Keane Vetle had called the wilderness his home for decades. It didn’t take much to make him and his inner grizzly happy. The only thing missing in his life was the woman who had been made for him.Heading to the woods with two of her coworkers was bound to be interesting since Laina Ash had never camped a day in her life. But she never expected to end up lost lost in the wilderness. Or to stumble across a sexy bear shifter and discover she was his fated mate.

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