Dark World Mates Series by Olivia Riley

3.88 · 89 ratings
  • Heart's Prisoner (Dark World Mates #1)

    Heart's Prisoner (Dark World Mates #1)

    Olivia Riley

    · 45 ratings · published 2020

    He's not like anything Lana has ever encountered.Asset X: Massive, deadly, a little terrifying to say the least. A devilish warrior. And a killer. Captured on a hellish world after attacking a military campsite and now imprisoned in a state of the art cell inside one of the military’s top bases--Lazris.And Lana has been assigned to "study" him. To learn his secrets and gain his trust, if he is ever allowed to set foot out of his cell... more

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  • Dark's Savior (Dark World Mates #2)

    Dark's Savior (Dark World Mates #2)

    Olivia Riley

    · 22 ratings · published 2020

    A chance encounter can change everything.When Aly joined the Grayhart mission to find advanced civilizations within deep space, she didn't expect to be captured far from home and taken to Xolis--a galactic empire like none ever seen, ruled by the nillium--a powerful race with a serious god complex.Now outsiders, Aly and her team of explorers are sent to the darkest place within Xolis: Lethe Maws... more

  • Shadow's Chosen (Dark World Mates #3)

    Shadow's Chosen (Dark World Mates #3)

    Olivia Riley

    · 15 ratings · published 2021

    From their first encounter, she knew he was troubleA top operative in her field, Elise was trained since youth to be one of Earth's most elite soldiers.But nothing could prepare her for Tyrminus and the deadly aliens taking over the city.One job: find the Grayhart team of explorers that have disappeared within the undercity and bring them back alive. A seemingly impossible mission... more

  • Heart's Keeper (Dark World Mates #4)

    Heart's Keeper (Dark World Mates #4)

    Olivia Riley

    · 7 ratings · published 2021

    Lana and Xerus return...and encounter a life-altering threatXerus: loyal, protective, swift, powerful. Named predomis--highest warrior among the vrisha--and guardian to his queen.And Lana's one true mate.Several years after Lazris, Lana has called the vrisha's world her home. After a long mission kept her and Xerus away, they finally return to Tryth, hoping to settle back into the life they had and spend each moment together... more

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