Never Just Friends Series by Saxon James

3.99 · 64 ratings
  • Just Friends (Never Just Friends #1)

    Just Friends (Never Just Friends #1)

    Saxon James

    · 26 ratings · published 2020

    RooFive years ago, I walked away from Sunbury, Oregon, and left my best friend behind. The move was supposed to get my life on track. I even had a list. Life changing epilepsy surgery. Check.See the world. CheckGet over my straight best friend … Not exactly.No matter where I go or who I meet, I can’t let Tanner go. I’m back to tell him how I feel. To get the closure I need once and for all.Only now I’m here and falling for him all over again, it’s getting harder to say the words... more

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  • Fake Friends (Never Just Friends #2)

    Fake Friends (Never Just Friends #2)

    Saxon James

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    ROWAN Five years ago, I ruined the best thing I had in my life and ran. Now, I’m finally back to make things right. I need Circus’s forgiveness, and then maybe I can finally move on. I’ll leave Sunbury for good this time and never look back. Maybe then I can finally live life as an out gay man—without my family ever finding out. But earning his forgiveness isn’t as simple as I hoped it would be. He’s going to make me fight for it. And I don’t blame him at all... more

  • Getting Friendly (Never Just Friends #3)

    Getting Friendly (Never Just Friends #3)

    Saxon James

    · 13 ratings · published 2021

    LEONWhen I’m looking for a hook up, I want three things:Big, thick, and rough.So it doesn’t make sense that I can't get my new hire out of my head.He's a tiny guy with big ideas ... and he's my apprentice which means he's completely off limits.But he’s already under my skin.And for the first time with any guy, I don’t think I can hold my own against him.Physically, yes. Emotionally, no.Auggie makes me weak... more

  • Friendly Fire (Never Just Friends #4)

    Friendly Fire (Never Just Friends #4)

    Saxon James

    · 15 ratings · published 2021

    RafeIt started in high school.We grew apart. Bit by bit, then all at once.The friend who was my ride or die suddenly wanted nothing to do with me.Now Cam’s back from college, living in the house next door, and pulling stupid pranks just to annoy me.Between my intense family and my failing relationship, I’m struggling enough without his antics.But Cam won’t go away. And I’m not so sure I want him to.CamIt started with a smile.A touch.A shared look of mischief... more

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