Inheritance of Hunger Series by Kathryn Moon

4.00 · 34 ratings
  • The Queen's Line (Inheritance of Hunger #1)

    The Queen's Line (Inheritance of Hunger #1)

    Kathryn Moon

    · 13 ratings · published 2020

    The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery's prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.The Queen's Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony's Choosing ceremony has arrived... more

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  • The Princess's Chosen (Inheritance of Hunger #2)

    The Princess's Chosen (Inheritance of Hunger #2)

    Kathryn Moon

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    The battle for Kimmery is brewing…The peace Princess Bryony and her Chosen enjoyed in the north is broken, disturbed by the arrival of her family to the Winter Palace. Camellia is crueler than Bryony ever imagined, and her grandmother's faith is hard won. Nothing will come easily, not even with her men at her side, their affections growing deeper.When Bryony's most reluctant Chosen, Aric - King of Thieves, learns of her Hunger, it all fractures... more

  • The Kingdom's Crown (Inheritance of Hunger #3)

    The Kingdom's Crown (Inheritance of Hunger #3)

    Kathryn Moon

    · 9 ratings · published 2020

    The path to power never did run smooth… Princess Bryony and her Chosen have been challenged, threatened, and attacked, but it’s news from the capital that lands the hardest blow. Bryony’s greatest ally is at risk, and if she loses her grandmother’s support she may lose the crown as well. Returning to the capital introduces new enemies and dangers, as well as painful memories... more

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