Risdaverse Series by Ruby Dixon

4.15 · 30 ratings
  • When She Dances: A SciFi Alien Romance (A Risdaverse Tale) (Risdaverse #5)

    When She Dances: A SciFi Alien Romance (A Risdaverse Tale) (Risdaverse #5)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    I never expected to spend my days as a dancing girl… but it beats the alternative. In the window of a filthy space station cantina, I gyrate my hips and hope for better days.When I’m bought by the most intimidating alien on Three Nebulas Station, those better days are on their way. Zakoar of the Broken Back is a cyborg who deals in black market prosthetics. He’s terrifying to look at, with a metal jaw and a fearsome demeanor. He intimidates everyone in the galaxy… except me... more

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  • When She's Bold: A Risdaverse Tale (Risdaverse #6)

    When She's Bold: A Risdaverse Tale (Risdaverse #6)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    On Risda III, it’s custom for women to marry for convenience. It provides safety and security in a universe that offers none for humans.Me, I don’t really *need* a husband. I just want one. And I want one man in particular. There’s a new guy in town, a by-the-books military man named Rektar. Every day I show up to his office and flirt with him. I bring pies. I twirl my hair. I make it very, very obvious what I want.Rektar is patient, and gentle for all his hulking form. He’d be a great husband... more

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