Hades Castle Trilogy Series by C.N. Crawford

4.02 · 74 ratings
  • The Fallen (Hades Castle Trilogy #1)

    The Fallen (Hades Castle Trilogy #1)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
    · 32 ratings · published 2020

    In Dovren, even the angels sin. Most nights, I dance and laugh with friends till the morning birds start to sing. But then disaster strikes.A sinfully sexy angel strides in to my favorite dance hall and compels me to work for him--in Hades Castle. Sure, I always wanted to see the inside of the ancient fortress that looms over the city. But the fallen angel is a brutal tyrant--and I think he killed my sister.Now, he wants me to pretend to be his wife. Instead, I plan to assassinate him... more

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  • Rapture (Hades Castle Trilogy #2)

    Rapture (Hades Castle Trilogy #2)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 4.05 of 5 stars
    · 25 ratings · published 2021

    The angel of death locked me in one of his castle rooms, surrounded by books and delicious food. Not bad, right? Except for the loneliness, and the lust-fueled dreams that torment me every night. Specifically, dreams of Samael. And did I mention a psychotic ghost keeps trying to kill me? Because no one else believes me about that.Now, I’m desperate to get out of the castle and hunt down the murderous Free Men who led to my imprisonment. Samael wants to destroy them, too... more

  • Possessed (Hades Castle Trilogy #3)

    Possessed (Hades Castle Trilogy #3)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 4.02 of 5 stars
    · 17 ratings · published 2021

    I'm struggling with my evil side—the demon known as Lilith—and only Samael can help me. Unfortunately, he thinks we're dangerous for each other—just because we murdered each other in past lives. And even worse, he believes he has to marry a mortal to keep me safe. A genuinely terrible mortal woman, I might add. But with the Free Men growing in power, we must join forces to stop their evil army... more

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