Claire McMullen Series by Rosie Goodwin

4.55 · 26 ratings
  • Our Little Secret (Claire McMullen #1)

    Our Little Secret (Claire McMullen #1)

    Rosie Goodwin

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    At just twenty years old, Claire McMullen is the new owner of the Seabourne Hotel. She's a mystery to everyone around her - and that's how she wants to keep it. Abused as a child and forced to sell her body to survive, Claire has built a barrier around herself that she is sure no one will ever penetrate.But folks are curious about why such an attractive young woman would move to Blackpool to run a hotel... more

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  • A Crying Shame (Claire McMullen #2)

    A Crying Shame (Claire McMullen #2)

    Rosie Goodwin

    · 12 ratings · published 2012

    Claire Nightingale is haunted by the memory of childhood abuse and the painful choices she was forced to make. Longing to find peace, she knows she must first confront her demons.Moving to Solihull with her adopted daughter Nikki, she tries to make amends with the family she left behind. But Claire is not the only one hurting: Nikki is scarred by her own abusive past, and their relationship, once loving, becomes fraught with tension and resentment... more

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