The Alpha's Obsession Series by Olivia T. Turner

4.30 · 31 ratings
  • Carnal Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #1)

    Carnal Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #1)

    Olivia T. Turner

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    It was love at first growl.I was drawn to this small Montana town from across the country.But trouble was drawn to me as soon as I stepped into Blackcloud Point.Luckily, one of the rugged locals stepped up to protect me.When I saw Cameron Bowen I just knew.Maybe it was the territorial way he looked at me.Or, his possessive touch.It could have been his obsessive need to protect and keep me safe.Or, the way he kept calling me his... more

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  • Feral Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #3)

    Feral Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #3)

    Olivia T. Turner

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    I’ve been my grizzly bear’s prisoner for close to a decade.He’s full on feral.For almost ten years, I haven’t felt cool air in my lungs or felt rough dirt under my feet.The vicious monster keeps me trapped inside while he terrorizes the forest we live in, trying to kill anyone who enters.Until one day, she steps into our territory and everything changes.I get myself out and taste freedom for the first time in way too long.And sharing it with my mate just makes it that much sweeter... more

  • Forbidden Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #4)

    Forbidden Alpha (The Alpha's Obsession #4)

    Olivia T. Turner

    · 9 ratings · published 2020

    My step-father has a job for me and he’s not a man you wanna cross.Go to the Bowen Ranch and get information on the grizzly bear shifters living there.I do as I’m told, but when I get there my priorities change.Because the gorgeous shifter in the black cowboy hat has more than just a dark alluring stare.He has a grip on me.A visceral attraction that I just can’t shake.My step-father forbids me from going back.But I can’t seem to stop myself.I can’t keep my body away... more

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