Moonstone Cove Series by Elizabeth Hunter

4.62 · 26 ratings
  • Fate Actually: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Moonstone Cove #2)

    Fate Actually: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Moonstone Cove #2)

    Elizabeth Hunter

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    It’s paranormal women’s fiction for lovers of magic, mayhem, and a solid afternoon nap (when they can squeeze one in.)Toni Dusi grew up knowing everyone’s business and everyone knowing hers, because in Moonstone Cove, you can’t pass a restaurant, farm, or winery that doesn’t have at least one Dusi involved. Despite that, Toni has managed to carve out a private niche for herself... more

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  • Fate Interrupted (Moonstone Cove #3)

    Fate Interrupted (Moonstone Cove #3)

    Elizabeth Hunter

    · 12 ratings · published 2021

    She had her life all planned out; fate had other ideas.How did an accomplished Southern businesswoman, wife, and mother end up living on California’s Central Coast, working for a stubborn wine-maker, newly divorced, and wrestling with sudden psychic powers?Megan Carpenter asks herself that same question nearly every day.She’s working her way back to the business world and starting her own event planning business, but fate keeps throwing her curveballs... more

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