The Reckless Rockstar Series by Samantha Christy

4.50 · 40 ratings
  • Reckless Obsession (The Reckless Rockstar #1)

    Reckless Obsession (The Reckless Rockstar #1)

    Samantha Christy

    · 15 ratings · published 2020

    Music is my life.It's kept me breathing.Even when I couldn't eat, sleep, or sing, I could still write songs.It's the only thing that has saved me from going crazy. Until the day Reckless Alibi decides to hire a girl.Suddenly, everything from my past comes rushing back to me.And now she's there. For every rehearsal. Every show. Every moment. Every song. We were supposed to be a boy band.Now everything has changed.I'm still breathing ... but I'm sure as hell no longer sane... more

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  • Reckless Invitation (The Reckless Rockstar #2)

    Reckless Invitation (The Reckless Rockstar #2)

    Samantha Christy

    · 13 ratings · published 2020

    I play guitar.I create music.It's all I ever wanted to do.But I'm in a serious rut.I've lived under the shadow of my ugly past for so long, I can't see a future.Then she falls into my life.And suddenly, all I can hear are riffs, melodies, and beats.She's my muse--my inspiration.She's exactly what I need to get me back into the groove.But will she accept my invitation?Reckless Invitation can be read as a standalone romance. It is book two in a series that follows a rock band... more

  • Reckless Reunion (The Reckless Rockstar Series) (The Reckless Rockstar #3)

    Reckless Reunion (The Reckless Rockstar Series) (The Reckless Rockstar #3)

    Samantha Christy

    · 12 ratings · published 2021

    Go on tour with the woman who betrayed me? Not on your life.Six years ago, she was just some stranger I woke up next to. By nightfall, I knew she was the one.Or so I thought.Six months later, she destroyed me.And now, we're being forced into a reunion neither of us wants.We may have to play nice, but when the lights are off ... so are our masks.Reckless Reunion can be read as a standalone romance. It is book three in this rags-to-riches rockstar series.

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