Aster Valley Series by Lucy Lennox

4.31 · 93 ratings
  • Winter Waites (Aster Valley #0.5)

    Winter Waites (Aster Valley #0.5)

    Lucy Lennox

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    Gentry Kane is a rockstar I've been half in love with my whole life. And now he's my patient.When Winter Waites knocks on the door to the snowy cabin where his next physical therapy patient awaits him, he has no idea his dream celebrity is on the other side. Gentry Kane is everything Winter has always fantasized about. But it was only a fantasy... more

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  • Right as Raine: An Aster Valley Novel (Aster Valley #1)

    Right as Raine: An Aster Valley Novel (Aster Valley #1)

    Lucy Lennox

    · 23 ratings · published 2021

    Tiller:As the first openly gay professional football player, I can’t afford to make any mistakes, on or off the field. And the absolute biggest mistake I could make right now would be to fall for Mikey Vining, my best friend, employee and, more importantly, Coach’s baby boy. I might fantasize about Mikey at night-—every night—but actually touching him would be a serious personal foul. And falling for him? That’s completely out of bounds... more

  • Sweet as Honey: An Aster Valley Novel (Aster Valley #2)

    Sweet as Honey: An Aster Valley Novel (Aster Valley #2)

    Lucy Lennox

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    When I rode my bike into Aster Valley, it was supposed to be temporary. A quick, relaxing visit with friends. No entanglements. Zero drama.But then I saw the bumblebee being harassed on the side of the highway. More specifically, I saw Truman Sweet, Aster Valley’s resident botanist, spice merchant, and bee-costume enthusiast, being harassed. And the second I got involved, all my plans for a quick departure scattered like pollen on the breeze... more

  • Hot as Heller (Aster Valley #3)

    Hot as Heller (Aster Valley #3)

    Lucy Lennox

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    The man asked me to valet his damn car. Look, I left LA for a reason. I’ve had my fill of big Hollywood stars and their even bigger egos. I want something genuine. Something real. And it doesn’t get any realer than being the new sheriff of Aster Valley, Colorado. That is, until entitled Finn Heller appears on the scene, handing me the keys to his convertible like I’m his personal servant. The former child star and wannabe action hero is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen... more

  • Thick as Thieves (Aster Valley #4)

    Thick as Thieves (Aster Valley #4)

    Lucy Lennox

    · 20 ratings · published 2022

    Julian:I've been in love with my best friend since forever. Okay, fine. Like, kindgergarten. It started out platonic, obviously, but then became... nope. Still platonic. The problem is that Parker Ellis has been straight since forever. And that makes it difficult to convince him the two of us are meant to be together.And now there's no point. All is lost... more

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