Magic & Mixology Mystery Series by Gina LaManna

4.16 · 39 ratings
  • Hex on the Beach (Magic & Mixology Mystery #1)

    Hex on the Beach (Magic & Mixology Mystery #1)

    Gina LaManna

    · 22 ratings · published 2016

    Welcome to The Isle... Lily Locke has never believed in witches and wizards, ghosts and magic, shifters and vampires—especially cute blonde vamps with blood-intolerance issues. A rising star at a hotshot marketing agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, all Lily knows is that she’s a PowerPoint guru, an Excel ninja, and a coffee-maker extraordinaire. Not to mention she’s next in line for a huge promotion... more

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  • Magic Julep (Magic & Mixology Mystery #7)

    Magic Julep (Magic & Mixology Mystery #7)

    Gina LaManna

    · 6 ratings · published 2021

    When Lily Locke receives a royal decree summoning her to the Kingdom of Crystalvia, she can hardly turn down the request. However, the invitation doesn’t come without a catch. When the queen begs Lily to crack a curse that has held their village captive for three years, Lily promises to do everything she can to free them. If she doesn’t, the kingdom will eventually languish… and disappear forever... more

  • Mermaid Mimosa (Magic & Mixology Mystery #8)

    Mermaid Mimosa (Magic & Mixology Mystery #8)

    Gina LaManna

    · 11 ratings · published 2021

    When the king of the mermaids is poisoned, Lily is called to help with a problem she’s never faced before—one beneath the surface of the water. As she sets about creating a potion to save his life, however, she realizes this is only one part of a much, much larger problem.One morning, Lily receives a letter from an anonymous source stating that The Faction is planning to launch an attack against The Isle... more

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