Hemlock Academy Series by Kelsey Soliz

4.02 · 52 ratings
  • First Addition (Hemlock Academy #1)

    First Addition (Hemlock Academy #1)

    Kelsey Soliz

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    I was so close to getting everything I wanted, an internship with my Uncle, an officer with the special-ops team.If it weren't for a stupid boy that had to go and make me angry, causing me to turn a certain part of his anatomy purple and sparkly, I wouldn't have accidentally revealed to my family what I really was. What I had been hiding. Now, my father is making me attend the school he headmasters, a stuck-up elite academy that will never take a bodysmith like me seriously... more

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  • Second Glances (Hemlock Academy #2)

    Second Glances (Hemlock Academy #2)

    Kelsey Soliz

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    I thought having six mate marks was more than I could handle. And then Cyrus and Dar came along and told me that I was theirs, too. Male conduits, looking for their mate for over a hundred years. No pressure, right?I thought that being someone else's fated meant everything would be easy, that our connection would be instant. But that theory doesn't take into account the life they've led before finding me... more

  • Three to Find: Hemlock Academy Book 3 (Hemlock Academy #3)

    Three to Find: Hemlock Academy Book 3 (Hemlock Academy #3)

    Kelsey Soliz

    · 11 ratings · published 2021

    The goddess has jokes. It seems I'm at the end of her latest one.A girl can only handle so many mates; even a bodysmith like me has limits!

  • Four Trials: Hemlock Academy Book 4 (Hemlock Academy #4)

    Four Trials: Hemlock Academy Book 4 (Hemlock Academy #4)

    Kelsey Soliz

    · 11 ratings · published 2021

    I've FINALLY succeeded in closing my conduit after the Goddess kept making it get bigger, and bigger. (Double entendre?) We have been facing off against creatures of the Night, with strange warnings that the worst is yet to come.The Goddess wants us to prove ourselves to her, to show her we can work together to defeat our greatest enemy. And no, I'm not talking about carbs or sugar.Will the four trials she sets before us make us stronger or ruin us?

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