Stonecut County Series by Cate C. Wells

3.98 · 146 ratings
  • Hitting the Wall (Stonecut County #1)

    Hitting the Wall (Stonecut County #1)

    Cate C. Wells

    · 36 ratings · published 2021

    She's not a secret. She's a second chance. Shay: Six years ago, the good, upstanding men of Stonecut County ran me off. I took a secret with me. An inconvenient truth they wanted buried. Actions have consequences. Their perfect golden boy maybe wasn't so perfect after all. Then life hands me one too many lemons. I'm forced to go back, and in Stonecut, nothing ever changes.Kellum Wall is still golden. I'm still unwanted... more

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  • Against A Wall (Stonecut County #2)

    Against A Wall (Stonecut County #2)

    Cate C. Wells

    · 110 ratings · published 2022

    My high school bully is now my fake boyfriend. Cash Wall has been messing with me since junior high. Nuisance stuff, mostly. Name calling. Pranks. Honestly, he's nowhere near the worst of my problems. Back in school, I had bigger fish to fry, and now, I've got a "scarlet letter" situation going on. The whole town hates me. For some reason, Cash offers himself up as my knight in shining armor. So now my former bully is my fake boyfriend... more

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