Molotov Obsession Series by Anna Zaires

3.92 · 34 ratings
  • Devil’s Lair (Molotov Obsession #1)

    Devil’s Lair (Molotov Obsession #1)

    Anna Zaires

    · 19 ratings · published 2021

    Live-in tutor wanted for four-year-old. Must be willing to relocate to a remote mountain estate. $3K/week cash.On the run from ruthless killers, I’m down to ten bucks in my wallet and a half-tank of gas in my ancient car when I spot the ad. The job sounds like the answer to my prayers, but there’s a catch.The child’s father is the most beautiful, most dangerous man I’ve ever met.Darkly seductive and filthy rich, Nikolai Molotov is a tantalizing mystery, a lethally alluring contradiction... more

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  • Angel's Cage (Molotov Obsession #2)

    Angel's Cage (Molotov Obsession #2)

    Anna Zaires

    · 15 ratings · published 2021

    Back in the devil’s lair, I’m at the mercy of a man who fascinates and terrifies me, a tender killer whose obsession with me is growing by the day. Nikolai Molotov is as much my captor as he is my protector, his compound both my safe haven and my gilded cage.If only I could resist his lethally seductive touch... or fight his growing hold on my heart and mind... more

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