Gold Rush Ranch Series by Elsie Silver

4.08 · 147 ratings
  • Out of the Gate (Gold Rush Ranch #0.5)

    Out of the Gate (Gold Rush Ranch #0.5)

    Elsie Silver

    · 10 ratings · published 2021

    Dermot Harding is ten years older than me.A family friend. An employee on my father’s ranch.But I’ve loved him as long as I can remember.At eighteen, I kissed him and he pushed me away. He said I was too young.The army took him from me for three long years, but now he’s back at Gold Rush Ranch—looking at me like he’s never looked at me before. Letting his hands linger longer than they should. Offering to help me train the racehorse I’ve always dreamed of owning... more

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  • Off to the Races (Gold Rush Ranch #1)

    Off to the Races (Gold Rush Ranch #1)

    Elsie Silver

    · 48 ratings · published 2022

    He can’t decide if he hates me or wants me.Vaughn Harding is my new boss. Getting close to him would be career suicide for a female racehorse trainer, and plain old gossip fuel in this small town. I get a kick out of our verbal sparring, but I swore off his type years ago.And I’ve got plans.I’m the new trainer at Gold Rush Ranch and I’ve just been handed a problem horse that I promised to make a winner. I want to put down roots, and I’m not about to let a man distract me... more

  • A Photo Finish (Gold Rush Ranch #2)

    A Photo Finish (Gold Rush Ranch #2)

    Elsie Silver

    · 31 ratings · published 2021

    I’ve seen every square inch of Violet Eaton’s delectable body and she has no idea who I am.Until now.What happened between us online, in our chats, was meant to stay anonymous and in the past.Until it didn’t.It’s a small world, but Ruby Creek is even smaller. When I move to the tiny town, the grumpy facade I’ve created slips when we’re forced to live under the same roof... more

  • The Front Runner (Gold Rush Ranch #3)

    The Front Runner (Gold Rush Ranch #3)

    Elsie Silver

    · 29 ratings · published 2021

    Stefan Dalca is beautiful, brooding, and bossy. He’s also public enemy number one in this small town, with a murky past that’s hard to overlook. And I just agreed to three fake dates with him. I may be a renowned veterinarian, but when I find myself in a sticky situation, Stefan is my last hope. I need his help to save a sick foal and what he wants in return is me... more

  • A False Start (Gold Rush Ranch #4)

    A False Start (Gold Rush Ranch #4)

    Elsie Silver

    · 29 ratings · published 2022

    I kissed my best friend’s little sister, and the world stood still.That night we were two perfect strangers, the town’s grumpy recluse and a gorgeous girl in the back of a bar. Until we weren’t.Because Nadia Dalca isn’t just some girl. She’s the girl I can’t have. Fourteen years younger than me and completely off-limits.My plan is to stay away, but the universe keeps pushing us together... more

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