Adair Family Series by Samantha Young

4.05 · 87 ratings
  • Here With Me (Adair Family #1)

    Here With Me (Adair Family #1)

    Samantha Young

    · 25 ratings · published 2021

    Settled in the tranquil remoteness of the Scottish Highlands, Ardnoch Estate caters to the rich and famous. It is as unattainable and as mysterious as its owner —ex-Hollywood leading man Lachlan Adair—and it's poised on the edge of a dark scandal.After narrowly escaping death, police officer Robyn Penhaligon leaves behind her life in Boston in search of some answers. Starting with Mac Galbraith, the Scottish father who abandoned her to pursue his career in private security... more

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  • There with You (Adair Family #2)

    There with You (Adair Family #2)

    Samantha Young

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    For Regan Penhaligon, there’s no better place to run to than the exclusive Ardnoch Estate in the remote Scottish Highlands. Her impulsive behavior has finally caught up with her and Regan’s visit with her sister, Robyn, is an opportunity to hide from someone who has grown dangerously obsessed with her.Determined to make amends for her mistakes, Regan plans to repair her relationship with Robyn by staying close. And when an offer of help comes from Thane Adair, Regan gratefully accepts... more

  • Always You (Adair Family #3)

    Always You (Adair Family #3)

    Samantha Young

    · 14 ratings · published 2022

    Arrochar Adair has loved her brother’s ex-bodyguard and best friend, Mac Galbraith, for years. Once upon a time, she was too young for him, but now that she’s a mature woman in her thirties, Arro can see no issue with their difference in age. Yet something deeper, a problem much more difficult to surmount, is keeping them apart.Mac Galbraith remembers clearly the night Arro became everything to him, no longer just his best friend and boss’s younger sister... more

  • Be With Me (Adair Family #4)

    Be With Me (Adair Family #4)

    Samantha Young

    · 13 ratings · published 2022

    It was the friends-with-benefits proposition he never saw coming… While Arran Adair might have followed the call of wanderlust in his younger years, it isn’t the reason he stayed away from Ardnoch. Home now, desperate to put the sins of his past behind him, and rebuild his life in the Scottish Highlands, Arran could never have predicted Eredine Willows. The Ardnoch Estate Pilates instructor is a complicated mystery and one Arran can’t help but want to solve... more

  • Only You (Adair Family #5)

    Only You (Adair Family #5)

    Samantha Young

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    Once upon a time, Monroe Sinclair was Brodan Adair’s best friend, but now he’s a stranger and one of Hollywood’s leading men…It took Monroe Sinclair eighteen years to return home to Ardnoch after a fateful night that devastated her friendship with Brodan Adair. She fled her unrequited love for him, as well as her difficult family life, and tried not to look behind her... more

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