Sinfully Savage Series by Kristen Luciani

4.06 · 22 ratings
  • Savage Ruler (Sinfully Savage #1)

    Savage Ruler (Sinfully Savage #1)

    Kristen Luciani

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    My fiancé is the Anti-Prince Charming… Mateo Villani is darkness wrapped in Armani. He's a six-foot tall, ruggedly-handsome savage, a notorious gangster who's bedded half of Manhattan...and now he's my fiancé.My father betrayed me, signing my life away to the cocky bastard whose personality is colder than a block of ice. Mateo crushed my ambitions when he slid his ring onto my finger. He stole my life away and now he's determined to mold me into a dutiful mob wife. But I have news for him... more

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  • Savage Sinner (Sinfully Savage #4)

    Savage Sinner (Sinfully Savage #4)

    Kristen Luciani

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    The Taste Of Revenge Is Nothing Compared To The Taste Of Him…Dante Villani is every bit his name…a raging, blazing inferno who consumes everything in his path.He’s dark, dangerous, and delicious….a sexy as hell contract killer for the powerful and ruthless Villani family.And the man I was sent to destroy.Not that I knew it when he had me pinned up against the wall of that nightclub with his sinful body and electric touch... more

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