Pacific Prep Series by R.A. Smyth

4.42 · 93 ratings
  • Broken Trust (Pacific Prep #1)

    Broken Trust (Pacific Prep #1)

    R.A. Smyth

    · 20 ratings · published 2021

    My name is Hadley Parker, and today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today I start school at Pacific Prep. This is my new lease on life, and I won’t be wasting it. I need this, now, more than ever. I need the education, the promise of a future that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. These rich kids don’t like me though. When Hawk Davenport decides he doesn’t want me here, his friends back him... more

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  • Brutal Lies (Pacific Prep #2)

    Brutal Lies (Pacific Prep #2)

    R.A. Smyth

    · 24 ratings · published 2021

    This was not part of my plan.Enrolling at Pacific Prep was supposed to gain me freedom and a feeling of control over my life. Buried truths are being revealed, and my goals are becoming less clear by the day.My entire life, I’ve wanted a family; wanted to know if I had one out there. I’ve craved answers and now that I’m getting them, I don’t know if I’m ready.I have a brother, a family.Sadly, the knowledge of that isn’t comforting, because I can’t trust them... more

  • Beyond Vengeance (Pacific Prep #3)

    Beyond Vengeance (Pacific Prep #3)

    R.A. Smyth

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    I know better. I know better than to be complacent.Finding my family was supposed to be a dream come true, but it’s only brought more questions, more secrets and forced family responsibilities. Surprisingly, Hawk is by my side while dealing with the utter ridiculousness our parents keep pushing on me. I’m learning how to have a brother and I think we might actually like each other?Mason, West, and Beck have been my saving grace, patient and kind... more

  • Break Free (Pacific Prep #4)

    Break Free (Pacific Prep #4)

    R.A. Smyth

    · 20 ratings · published 2021

    He thinks they’ve broken me.He thinks I’m nothing but an empty shell, ready to be molded into their perfect soldier, his perfect wife, a damaged plaything.He might be right.I’ve never been so exhausted, beaten down, and wary. I’m so close to giving up, so close to accepting my defeat and twisted fate.The darkness is quickly closing in around me, but a sliver of light appears when I read the note from my brother and my guys.I will rise, like a phoenix from the ashes... more

  • Blurred Lines (Pacific Prep #4.5)

    Blurred Lines (Pacific Prep #4.5)

    R.A. Smyth

    · 11 ratings · published 2022

    I enrolled at Pacific Prep four years ago.I’ve worked hard to not only keep my scholarship but to earn a full ride to college.Don’t get me wrong. I’ve played hard, too.Still, I don’t know if I started living until Hadley showed up. And now she’s missing.Her guys are being tight-lipped and trying to keep me out of what’s going on, but I’m not backing down. Not from them, and definitely not from her gorgeous, arrogant brother, Hawk... more

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