Kait Silver Series by Laken Cane

4.09 · 64 ratings
  • Broken Moon: An Urban Fantasy Wolf Shifter Series (Kait Silver #1)

    Broken Moon: An Urban Fantasy Wolf Shifter Series (Kait Silver #1)

    Laken Cane

    · 16 ratings · published 2021

    I'm a wolf shifter... who can't shift.Twelve years ago, I was hobbled by my alpha, cast out of my pack, and forced into an unfriendly world without any protection. But I’m not exactly helpless.Despite being unable to shift, I have talents the others don't have. I can see the spirits of dead people, for one. And I have a knack for fighting rogue supernaturals.My ex-alpha will never let me back in, but there's another alpha in the city... more

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  • Blood Magic (Kait Silver #2)

    Blood Magic (Kait Silver #2)

    Laken Cane

    · 15 ratings · published 2021

    My new alpha did the impossible. He freed my hobbled wolf.And though I've craved a pack and an alpha since I was a rejected kid, I rebel against being anything less than his equal--even as my wolf worships the very ground he walks on. It makes for an interesting dynamic.Flung headfirst into the supernaturals' world, I am no longer a lonely, agonized outcast running from the moon... more

  • Bold Mercy (Kait Silver #3)

    Bold Mercy (Kait Silver #3)

    Laken Cane

    · 11 ratings · published 2021

    It's hard to concentrate on work when you've just moon-shifted with your alpha...But the council that recruited me doesn't waste any time handing me my first assignment--and it just happens to be personal to me.I have to slay the warped evil that is Avis Vine--a human servant so twisted and changed by her former master's bad blood magic that she's no longer really human. She's a powerful, raging creature bent on revenge and filled with darkness and bloodlust... more

  • Bad Medicine: An Urban Fantasy Wolf Shifter Series (Kait Silver #4)

    Bad Medicine: An Urban Fantasy Wolf Shifter Series (Kait Silver #4)

    Laken Cane

    · 10 ratings · published 2021

    Do you know what’s stronger than a wolf shifter?A shapeshifter.A shapeshifter is stronger than a wolf shifter.When I discover a shapeshifting serial killer is targeting human women in my city, I have to go after him.Even though he's more powerful than me.Even though he says we're exactly the same. Even though there's a connection between us.He believes he's only taking out the trash, that the women he slaughters deserve their punishment. Too bad for him no one else agrees. They want him stopped... more

  • Beautiful Madness (Kait Silver #5)

    Beautiful Madness (Kait Silver #5)

    Laken Cane

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    The vampires have the moon.They cannot take the sun.There are daywalkers in Jakeston, and the council wants me to stake them all before they can do more damage. With every day they remain free, they grow more powerful.The daywalkers are feeding, but they're leaving no proof of their grisly meals. There's no blood. No hair. No bones. No drained, dead bodies.Humans are just quietly disappearing.No one sees the mutant vampires. These baddies don't do frenzied, public attacks... more

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