Darkmore Penitentiary Series by Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

4.37 · 49 ratings
  • Caged Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #1)

    Caged Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #1)

    Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

    · 16 ratings · published 2021

    What do you do when the guy you’ve loved since you were fourteen is sent to the most dangerous prison in Solaria for saving your life?Okay, so maybe he doesn’t love me back. And maybe getting sent down would seem insane to some, but I’m Rosalie Oscura, champion underground cage-fighter and alpha werewolf from the infamous Oscura Clan. My family wrote the book on criminal organisations and I’ll be ruling this place by the time the next moon rises... more

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  • Alpha Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #2)

    Alpha Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #2)

    Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

    · 19 ratings · published 2020

    I came here with a single goal in mind.An aim.A purpose.I will break out of Darkmore Penitentiary.But I was a fool to think that it would be so simple.And now with more and more Fae relying on me to get them out of this slice of hell, I find myself unable to do a damn thing.Mason Cain stabbed me in the back and left me to rot in the dark. So now I have another goal in mind before I escape this place, because no one messes with the Queen of the Oscura Clan and lives to tell the tale... more

  • Feral Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #3)

    Feral Wolf (Darkmore Penitentiary #3)

    Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    A morte e ritorno.My family’s motto circles in my mind as I look this problem dead on and try to figure it out.I’ve faced worse than this. Survived worse odds than this. I won’t let this failure break me.We have 72 hours to turn this around.72 hours to make a new plan out of the dregs of the old.72 hours until all hope is lost.This task is impossible, but I still like my chances. I have an ace in my pocket and his name is Mason Cain... more

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