Mystic Caravan Mystery Series by Amanda M. Lee

4.57 · 56 ratings
  • Freaky Days (Mystic Caravan Mystery #1)

    Freaky Days (Mystic Caravan Mystery #1)

    Amanda M. Lee

    · 18 ratings · published 2016

    The show must go on … even when monsters are afoot.Poet Parker is Romani by birth and a fortune teller by choice. As a member of Mystic Caravan Circus, she’s spent the past ten years using her psychic talents to tell people what their future holds by day and hunting paranormal monsters by night.You see, Mystic Caravan is more than just a circus – it’s also a force of good in a world that needs help fighting evil... more

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  • Freaky Gifts (Mystic Caravan Mystery #12)

    Freaky Gifts (Mystic Caravan Mystery #12)

    Amanda M. Lee

    · 12 ratings · published 2021

    Winter break is upon Mystic Caravan, which is supposed to mean a full month of rest and relaxation. Upon arriving at their destination, however, Poet and company find that murder isn’t far behind.Their off-season park is full of paranormals – something that normally makes Poet comfortable – but the death of a local girl points to one of their own being the culprit. Even though she’s supposed to be taking it easy, Poet can’t stop herself from digging … and it leads her on a wild ride... more

  • Freaky Crypts (Mystic Caravan Mystery #14)

    Freaky Crypts (Mystic Caravan Mystery #14)

    Amanda M. Lee

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    Poet Parker thought her past was lost to her…but it’s about to invade her present.Her uncle Sidney is in New Orleans, which just happens to be where Mystic Caravan is setting up shop for the week, but Poet isn’t expecting a happy reunion. Things are tense—to say the least—and that’s before zombies are reported in the French Quarter... more

  • Freaky Crush (Mystic Caravan Mystery #15)

    Freaky Crush (Mystic Caravan Mystery #15)

    Amanda M. Lee

    · 14 ratings · published 2023

    Poet Parker is living a new reality now that she knows what she is. Unfortunately for her, she still doesn’t know what she can do … and she doesn’t think she’s going to figure it out in Little Rock, Arkansas.Since her uncle Sidney is in tow, Poet is hopeful for a quiet week. Little Rock has never been a hotbed of activity. Quiet isn’t what she gets, however.What started as an irritation on the pedestrian bridge turns into a full-blown attack... more

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