Sins of the Fathers Series by Cora Reilly

3.66 · 139 ratings
  • By Sin I Rise (Sins of the Fathers #1)

    By Sin I Rise (Sins of the Fathers #1)

    Cora Reilly

    · 39 ratings · published 2021

    Maddox – Mad Dog – White hates everything the name Vitiello stands for, after he witnessed his father and his men getting butchered by the Capo of the Italian mob in their territory. Raised by his uncle, the president of the Tartarus MC, Maddox is destined to follow in his footsteps. Now their chapter is on the rise again, but for their ultimate triumph they need to destroy the Vitiello empire... more

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  • By Sin I Rise: Part Two (Sins of the Fathers #2)

    By Sin I Rise: Part Two (Sins of the Fathers #2)

    Cora Reilly

    · 31 ratings · published 2021

    A fatal bond that was never meant to be. Marcella gave Maddox the impossible choice, and he chose her. Still, she wonders if Maddox is ready to commit to a relationship, or if he’s scared of losing the uninhibited freedom his biker lifestyle offered him. All his life Maddox knew who his enemies were, but suddenly he’s at a loss whom to trust... more

  • By Virtue I Fall (Sins of the Fathers #3)

    By Virtue I Fall (Sins of the Fathers #3)

    Cora Reilly

    · 25 ratings · published 2022

    Love is an inconvenience Anna Cavallaro doesn’t have time for. She only has one goal: to become a fashion designer. Chicago’s elite already copies her style religiously, not least because she’s the daughter of the city’s notorious mafia boss. When she’s accepted at a world-famous fashion institute in Paris, her father’s condition is to take her bodyguard along. Anna definitely wouldn’t mind a few weeks of no-strings-attached fun with her brooding protector... more

  • By Fate I Conquer (Sins of the Fathers #4)

    By Fate I Conquer (Sins of the Fathers #4)

    Cora Reilly

    · 46 ratings · published 2022

    From USA Today bestselling author Cora Reilly comes a new STANDALONE forbidden mafia romance! What if you find your soulmate at the wrong time?AmoDo you believe in love at first sight? In a love so strong and bright, it ignites you even in your darkest hours? Do you believe that somewhere in this world there’s someone who’s destined to be your other half? Your soulmate?I didn’t.Until I met her.Greta Falcone.Protected mafia princess from the madmen of Las Vegas, she’s forbidden to me... more

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