Their Obsession Series by Bea Paige

4.55 · 19 ratings
  • The Dancer and The Masks (Their Obsession #1)

    The Dancer and The Masks (Their Obsession #1)

    Bea Paige

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    They came for me in the dead of night. Silent like ghosts. Three faceless men with one thing on their mind, revenge.The DancerI was stolen.Ripped from the people I love, and imprisoned in a medieval castle in Scotland with walls as thick and impenetrable as the stone encasing my kidnappers' hearts.Do as they say and you’ll survive this place.Refuse their orders and feel the consequences of their wrath.Everyone here calls them The Masks.I call them my enemy... more

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  • The Masks and The Dancer (Their Obsession #2)

    The Masks and The Dancer (Their Obsession #2)

    Bea Paige

    · 11 ratings · published 2022

    The MasksZero, Nought, Nothing.We stole her away. We took her name, her identity… her life.She was our revenge. An eye for an eye.Only she became more than that.She fought against our darkest desires.She shone a light on our pitch black souls.She became our mirror.She made us see.And what do monsters do when they stare at their reflection?They break the fu*king glass.The DancerKonrad, Leon, Jakub.They kidnapped me. They stole my name, my identity… my life.I was their vengeance... more

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