White Nights Series by Anna Zaires

3.98 · 55 ratings
  • White Nights (White Nights #1)

    White Nights (White Nights #1)

    Anna Zaires

    Rated: 3.92 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 29 ratings · published 2021

    A Russian Oligarch Alex Volkov always gets what he wants. Once an orphan on the streets of Saint Petersburg, he’s now one of the wealthiest men in the world. But one doesn’t rise that far in Russia without crossing the line . . . An American Nurse Kate Morrell has always been capable and independent. She neither wants nor needs a man in her life. Yet she can’t help being drawn to the dangerous stranger she meets in the hospital . . more

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  • Midnight Days (White Nights #2)

    Midnight Days (White Nights #2)

    Anna Zaires, Charmaine Pauls

    Rated: 4.04 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 26 ratings · published 2021

    My instincts warned me that Alex Volkov is a dangerous man. My mind told me to run when he set his sights on me with unfaltering determination. It’s not that I didn’t try to resist, but Alex had a game plan. He was always one step ahead of me, skillfully drawing me deeper into his web. Even when he gave me freedom, it was only an illusion.

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