WITSEC Series by Ashley N. Rostek

4.47 · 115 ratings
  • Find Me (WITSEC #1)

    Find Me (WITSEC #1)

    Ashley N. Rostek

    · 50 ratings · published 2021

    One year ago…My family is gone. My parents. My twin sister. All of them murdered by the man who has stalked me for years. He nearly killed me, too. But I got away and he’s still out there, searching for me. He won’t find me. At least, I hope not. Thanks to WITSEC, I’ve been given a new life with a new identity.The present…My uncle, my only living relative, has helped me glue myself back together and given me the tools I’ll need to survive... more

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  • Save Me (WITSEC #2)

    Save Me (WITSEC #2)

    Ashley N. Rostek

    · 41 ratings · published 2021

    Save me from my past. Save me from my fear. Save me from my pain. Save me from myself. The Stone brothers are the reason I can smile again. They are my only light in the drowning darkness. What started as friendship between them and me has become something more. They want me and I want them, too. But that won’t happen with my grief tearing me apart. Will I succumb to my grief and let it destroy me? Or will my guys be able to save me? ***WARNING This is a reverse harem romance... more

  • Love Me (WITSEC #3)

    Love Me (WITSEC #3)

    Ashley N. Rostek

    · 23 ratings · published 2022

    Colt is my comfort.He’s the first one to hold my hand when life becomes hard.Creed is my support.He always has my back, is always ready to help me battle the world or my insecurities.Keelan is my joy.He effortlessly makes me laugh and exudes a light even when days become dark.Knox is my strength.He holds me together even when I want to break.Each of my guys is a great man and each fills a missing piece of my broken soul.I’m falling in love with them. Maybe I already have... more

  • Free Me (WITSEC #4)

    Free Me (WITSEC #4)

    Ashley N. Rostek

    · 1 ratings · published 2023

    Cover coming soon.Blurb coming soon.***Free Me is the final book in the WITSEC series.***

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