Malice Mafia Series by Coralee June

4.28 · 20 ratings
  • Wrath (Malice Mafia #2)

    Wrath (Malice Mafia #2)

    Coralee June

    · 10 ratings · published 2021

    I hated fire. I hated how the smoke wrapped around my naked body, stinging my skin with defiant embers. I hated the smell of burnt flesh, the ashes heavy on my tongue, my charred soul like splinters deep in my chest.She’s dead, Juliet.There’s nothing else you can do--Dragging my bleeding feet across the concrete, I walked toward the flames. Heat licked at my cheeks. Sirens off in the distance cursed my ears.Dead, dead, dead.All of this started because I made a choice. Because I fell in love... more

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  • Grudge (Malice Mafia #3)

    Grudge (Malice Mafia #3)

    Coralee June

    · 10 ratings · published 2022

    Malice was a broken man. A leader with a cracked crown.Guilt was eroding his throne.William was an opportunist. A man with a grudge.Ambition dressed in an iron suit.Anthony was a survivor. A lover with hope.Healing wrapped in good intentions.I’m a pawn, and it’s up to me to remind these men that they’re stronger together.I just pray that this fight for power won’t tear us all apart.

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