Secrets Kept Series by Riley Hart

4.18 · 25 ratings
  • Off Limits (Secrets Kept #1)

    Off Limits (Secrets Kept #1)

    Riley Hart

    · 13 ratings · published 2021

    It started out as a little fun. When there was a man in my building on a hookup app, why not message him?Only we didn’t meet. We just texted—one night after the other, after the other.GoodWithHisHands was the perfect escape from my life, where pressure was always on my shoulders: my father’s expectations, the worry about my sister, Maddy, getting sick again, and her ex-husband, Ryder Lynwood, suddenly back and volunteering at the same hospital as me... more

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  • Pushing the Limits (Secrets Kept #2)

    Pushing the Limits (Secrets Kept #2)

    Riley Hart

    · 12 ratings · published 2022

    I was fourteen when my dad married Lane’s mom and our families became one, when my favorite moments were those spent staying up all night, talking or watching Lane create art.There aren’t many things more inconvenient than loving your stepbrother. I know the limits, and that’s pushing them too far.Over the years I’ve pulled away from him. It was easier when he left for New York, but now he’s back, not only in Atlanta, but in my home, trying to get back what we lost... more

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