Beatrice Hyde-Clare Series by Lynn Messina

4.20 · 20 ratings
  • An Infamous Betrayal (Beatrice Hyde-Clare #3)

    An Infamous Betrayal (Beatrice Hyde-Clare #3)

    Lynn Messina

    · 14 ratings · published 2021

    Having solved the two murders that somehow fell in her path, Beatrice Hyde-Clare is on the lookout for a third. Through a absurd quirk of stupid fate, the shy spinster has fallen in love with the thoroughly unattainable Duke of Kesgrave and is desperate for something, anything, to occupy her mind. A dead body would do nicely... more

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  • A Malevolent Connection (Beatrice Hyde-Clare #9)

    A Malevolent Connection (Beatrice Hyde-Clare #9)

    Lynn Messina

    · 6 ratings · published 2021

    Despite suffering a few initial setbacks, the former Beatrice Hyde-Clare has settled into her new position nicely. Thanks to Lady Abercrombie’s machinations, she has secured the admiration of society and finally earned the respect of her staff. Even the lessons in defending herself, which her husband, the Duke of Kesgrave, insists she take if she wants to continue in her dangerous avocation, are going well... more

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