Galactic Kings Series by Anna Hackett

4.24 · 61 ratings
  • Overlord (Galactic Kings #1)

    Overlord (Galactic Kings #1)

    Anna Hackett

    · 17 ratings · published 2021

    When an experimental starship test goes horribly wrong, a test pilot from Earth is flung across the galaxy and crash lands on the planet of a powerful alien king.Pilot Mallory West is having a really bad day. She’s crashed on an alien planet, her ship is in pieces, and her best friend Poppy, the scientist monitoring the experiment, is missing. Dazed and injured, she collapses into the arms of a big, silver-eyed warrior king... more

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  • Emperor (Galactic Kings #2)

    Emperor (Galactic Kings #2)

    Anna Hackett

    · 16 ratings · published 2022

    When an experimental starship test goes horribly wrong, a scientist from Earth finds herself fighting for her survival, and her only lifeline is a wild, powerful alien king.Waking on an alien world, wracked by pain, Dr. Poppy Ellison is confused and adrift…until his voice calls to her in the darkness. The big, wild, enthralling man reveals that she’s been infected and is turning into an alien shapeshifter... more

  • Captain of the Guard (Galactic Kings #3)

    Captain of the Guard (Galactic Kings #3)

    Anna Hackett

    · 13 ratings · published 2022

    An alien warrior and a fierce shapeshifter who drive each other crazy must work together to save an entire planet from a terrifying evil.First Claw Annora Rahl is tough, fierce, and loyal. She stands at her emperor’s side to protect the wolf shapeshifters of the planet Damar, and she isn’t afraid to use her claws. Stopping an evil king from a neighboring planet, who’s intent on enslaving all the planets in their system, is her top priority. She won’t fail her family, her people, or her emperor... more

  • Conqueror (Galactic Kings #4)

    Conqueror (Galactic Kings #4)

    Anna Hackett

    · 15 ratings · published 2022

    After two years of alien captivity, Evie is free, but her captors have changed her. Now struggling to control a terrifying new power, her only hope is one formidable, dangerous alien king.Logistics manager Evie Mason is no longer a prisoner on an alien space station, but she’s far from Earth, suffering nightmares, and fighting to ignore the growing power inside her... more

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