A Swizzle Stick Romance Series by Georgia Beers

4.25 · 4 ratings
  • On the Rocks (A Swizzle Stick Romance #2)

    On the Rocks (A Swizzle Stick Romance #2)

    Georgia Beers

    · 4 ratings · published 2021

    No straight women. No parents of students. Nobody under thirty-five. Vanessa Martini makes no apologies for her dating checklist. She’s been up close to enough messy breakups to know what havoc they wreak in life. Just because people see her as fun and happy, and just because she loves her life in general, that doesn’t mean she can’t be careful. Or discerning. Or, okay, fine, super picky.Grace Chapman is tired of being judged by her boss, by the husband she’s divorcing, by her parents... more

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