Sophie Feegle Series by Gwen DeMarco

4.35 · 20 ratings
  • Sophie and the Odd Ones (Sophie Feegle #1)

    Sophie and the Odd Ones (Sophie Feegle #1)

    Gwen DeMarco

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    Sophie Feegle needs a break. Rent is due on her crappy apartment and she's halfway through her last loaf of bread.Sophie doesn't have big ambitions. She only wants a job that will keep her landlord off her back, enough extra cash for whiskey at the neighborhood bar and a bit of free time to hang out with the naughty old lady next door.When a chance encounter with a quiet stranger leads to a job offer at the San Francisco City Morgue, Sophie jumps at the opportunity... more

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  • Portents and Oddities (Sophie Feegle #2)

    Portents and Oddities (Sophie Feegle #2)

    Gwen DeMarco

    · 6 ratings · published 2021

    After defeating a Fae fanatic set on closing the portal between earth and the magic realm, things are looking up for Sophie Feegle. She can finally relax, drink whiskey at her favorite ogre pub, and get back to the autopsy assistant job she loves. Maybe she’ll even go on a romantic date with a certain sexy fox shifter.Yeah, right. Things never seem to work out quite the way Sophie wants.When Sophie recognizes the body on her autopsy table from a dream, her world is shaken again... more

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