Vital Signs Series by Kate Canterbary

4.07 · 75 ratings
  • Before Girl (Vital Signs #1)

    Before Girl (Vital Signs #1)

    Kate Canterbary

    · 23 ratings · published 2018

    She's the girl next door. He's the guy who's loved her from afar. They're in for an unexpected tumble into love. She'll juggle your balls. For Stella Allesandro, chaos is good. She's a rising star at a leading sports publicity firm. She's known throughout the industry as the jock whisperer—the one who can tame the baddest of the bad boys in professional sports without losing her signature smile. But Cal Hartshorn is an entirely different kind of chaos. He'll fix your broken heart... more

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  • The Worst Guy (Vital Signs #2)

    The Worst Guy (Vital Signs #2)

    Kate Canterbary

    · 52 ratings · published 2021

    Eight weeks of forced proximity is a long time to hate someone you’re trying not to love.Sebastian Stremmel doesn’t need another headache. He has enough of his own without Sara Shapiro, the noisy new reconstructive surgeon, stomping all around his surgical wing with her chippy, chirpy cheerfulness. But Sebastian doesn’t usually get what he wants... more

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