The Best Men Series by Sarina Bowen, Lauren Blakely

4.00 · 44 ratings
  • Super Hot Wingman (The Best Men #0.5)

    Super Hot Wingman (The Best Men #0.5)

    Sarina Bowen, Lauren Blakely

    · 19 ratings · published 2022

    A prequel novella to The Best Men Promises I make to myself… 1. I won't stare at my sister's fiance's super hot best friend, even when he takes his shirt off at a dinner party. 2. I won't look him up online and check out photos from his professional soccer career. 3. And I definitely won't fantasize about him late at night. Oops. Broke all three. But in my defense, his abs and that arrogant smile are my catnip. Plus it's been a while... more

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  • The Best Men (The Best Men #1)

    The Best Men (The Best Men #1)

    Sarina Bowen, Lauren Blakely

    · 25 ratings · published 2022

    Bestselling authors Sarina Bowen and Lauren Blakely team up for the first time in an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, irresistibly sexy standalone romance between the best man and the other best man! In my defense, I was left alone with a bottle of single-malt and a life-long penchant for protecting my baby sister. Still, that's no excuse to send ten drunk-texts on why her hasty marriage would be a mistake. If only I had just texted my sister. But nope... more

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