Bennett Brothers Series by Tiffany Patterson

4.28 · 21 ratings
  • This Is Where I Sleep (Bennett Brothers #1)

    This Is Where I Sleep (Bennett Brothers #1)

    Tiffany Patterson

    · 10 ratings · published 2022

    ***THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL *** For more than a decade, life has been one mission after another for Coral Coleman. This time, Coral is on a mission to find the elusive “Ghost,” who Coral believes is responsible for trying to kill her two years ago. Unfortunately for them, they missed her, but in the process took out two of Coral’s teammates—that, Coral takes personally. She comes one step closer to finding him when a case involving Bennett Industries falls into her lap... more

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  • My Storm (Bennett Brothers #2)

    My Storm (Bennett Brothers #2)

    Tiffany Patterson

    · 11 ratings · published 2022

    Writing has always been Tasha Edwards' means of escape. When the world around her was falling apart, and the adults she was supposed to depend on turned on her, it was her vivid imagination and storytelling that got her through the rough times. As an adult, it is this very passion for writing that has made her a New York Times' bestselling author. She couldn't ask for much more, with a thriving career and now being reunited with the older sister who always looked out for her... more

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