Entangled with Fae Series by Tessonja Odette

3.92 · 93 ratings
  • Curse of the Wolf King (Entangled with Fae #1)

    Curse of the Wolf King (Entangled with Fae #1)

    Tessonja Odette

    · 26 ratings · published 2021

    A Beauty and the Beast RetellingLibrarian's Note: an alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.A beastly fae king with a deadly curse.A devious bargain to break it…All Gemma Bellefleur wants is to leave her past behind and forget the day scandal broke her heart. But when she’s captured by a trickster fae king who threatens to hold her for ransom, she’ll find herself at the top of the gossip column yet again... more

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  • Heart of the Raven Prince (Entangled with Fae #2)

    Heart of the Raven Prince (Entangled with Fae #2)

    Tessonja Odette

    · 22 ratings · published 2021

    A Cinderella RetellingA playboy prince in want of a decoy bride.A servant girl desperate for a disguise…Raven shifter Prince Franco is every social climbing debutante’s dream. He’s handsome, heir to the Lunar Court throne, and deliciously single. Every young woman wants to bed him, wed him, or steal a moment of his time. Except, of course, for Ember Montgomery.Half fae Ember craves freedom from her conniving stepfamily... more

  • Kiss of the Selkie (Entangled with Fae #3)

    Kiss of the Selkie (Entangled with Fae #3)

    Tessonja Odette

    · 18 ratings · published 2021

    A Little Mermaid RetellingA handsome fugitive seeking a marriage of convenience.A selkie with a lethal kiss sent to seal his fate…To evade a vicious sea queen’s clutches, selkie Maisie hides on land surviving as a thief. But when she rescues a human from drowning and illegally brings him to shore, she must answer for breaking fae law. As punishment, she’ll have to hunt down the man she saved…and kiss him. But with a kiss that can kill, Maisie’s mission means more than seduction. It means murder... more

  • A Taste of Poison (Entangled with Fae #4)

    A Taste of Poison (Entangled with Fae #4)

    Tessonja Odette

    · 16 ratings · published 2022

    A runaway princess wanted for murder.A deadly huntsman who’s after her heart…Half-fae Astrid Snow is used to being disliked. With magic that makes her mirror back one’s worst qualities, she has more enemies than friends. And when she’s accused of poisoning her father, her stepmother—the formidable Spring Queen—becomes her greatest enemy yet. Forced into hiding, she finds solace at the Seven Sins Hotel. It provides the perfect subterfuge she needs... more

  • A Dream So Wicked (Entangled with Fae #5)

    A Dream So Wicked (Entangled with Fae #5)

    Tessonja Odette

    · 11 ratings · published 2023

    A vicious rivalry.A forbidden desire.A curse only her enemy can break.After twenty years stuck in a fae convent with no word from whoever abandoned her there, Briony Rose is all out of hope. But when her parents suddenly claim her and reveal she’s a lost fae princess, she’s burdened with the weight of a kingdom on the brink of collapse. To secure her family’s precarious position, she must marry a wealthy human stranger. She would have done her duty with pride…if it weren’t for Thorne Blackwood... more

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