Kink Camp Series by Adriana Anders

3.95 · 42 ratings
  • Hunted (Kink Camp #1)

    Hunted (Kink Camp #1)

    Adriana Anders

    · 25 ratings · published 2022

    A Secret FantasyYou know that one thing you don’t tell a soul? For me, it’s a desire to escape, a need to run, to be caught, held down and… That is what I’m afraid of.And it’s what I want the most. I’ve come here to find it.A Primal, aloneI’m the crowned king of Kink Camp, the man everyone reveres…and stays away from. I’ve given up on finding a play partner. Until fate steps in and I see her: The woman from my statue. From my dreams... more

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  • Possession (Kink Camp #2)

    Possession (Kink Camp #2)

    Adriana Anders

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    Sexiest Man AliveThe world knows me as Zion Mason, but at camp, I’m just Zed—a masked participant living it up in my favorite place on earth. The only place I’m truly myself. Except this year, things are different. I’ve been outed IRL and now my career’s on the rocks, along with my very fake marriage to my sweet, straight-laced co-star Twyla Jones--the one woman I'm not allowed to touch... more

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