Forever You Series by Mickey Miller

3.62 · 40 ratings
  • Hate Mates (Forever You #1)

    Hate Mates (Forever You #1)

    Mickey Miller

    · 23 ratings · published 2020

    Have you heard the rumor about campus celebrity DJ Dalton?No, not the one about number of the zeros in his bank account. Or the one about his father, the head football coach. Or even the one about his special talent between the sheets.I’m talking about the one where he has a female roommate in an all-male dorm.I can’t speak to the first three, but that fourth one is true. I know because that girl in his room is me.Because of an error by the college, I’m placed with Mr... more

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  • Kiss King (Forever You #2)

    Kiss King (Forever You #2)

    Mickey Miller

    · 17 ratings · published 2020

    I didn't mean to kiss her in front of her boyfriend.Okay, yes I did. Fine. Guilty as charged.Is it my fault Maya Waters, AKA my best friend at college, has the most kissable lips ever?I see the way she stares at me.Even if she denies it, I see that look in her eye.I'd been planning how to ask Maya out fall term.And then she comes back from study abroad in Italy with a new boy toy.Maya and I have never been anything more than friends.She doesn't care that I'm on my way to super-stardom... more

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