Witch Bound Series by Opal Reyne

3.96 · 76 ratings
  • The WitchSlayer (Witch Bound #1)

    The WitchSlayer (Witch Bound #1)

    Opal Reyne

    · 56 ratings · published 2022

    When Amalia’s cat brought home a strange flying lizard during a terrible storm, she had no idea that it was a Dragon. Or that he would save her from burning at the stake, only to imprison her in his lair when she saw his human face. Now she is stuck in this cave with a moody, hot-tempered, and arrogant warrior – one who has killed her kind by the dozens.She expected to feel trapped, but he somehow makes her feel unbelievably... safe... more

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  • The ShadowHunter (Witch Bound #2)

    The ShadowHunter (Witch Bound #2)

    Opal Reyne

    · 20 ratings · published 2023

    When her younger sister is stolen in the dark of night, Valerie infiltrates the northern kingdom to rescue her. Parading around as a human and hiding her Witch scent, she doesn’t realise she’s stepped onto a Dragon’s hunting ground – or that the Dragon has settled his lustful sights on her.She only wanted to save her sister, but she can’t resist the way he sets her heart on fire.Hiding his Dragon linage, Geryon cares little about the gala thrown to find the king a wife... more

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