The Golden Wolf Series by Shannon Mayer

4.24 · 35 ratings
  • Golden (The Golden Wolf #1)

    Golden (The Golden Wolf #1)

    Shannon Mayer

    · 20 ratings · published 2022

    How the hell did I end up in this mess? Strike that, I know exactly how.I’ve got a family full of assholes who have me literally CURSED. Werewolf no more, I’m stuck in the body of fluffy, sweet, golden retriever whose inclination is to roll on her back and beg for scratches, over biting ones face off.KMN.My rescuer comes in the form of a man whose leg I’d hump every day given the opportunity. And I just might.I strike a deal with a demon. Maybe not the smartest move, but the only one I’ve got... more

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  • Glitter (The Golden Wolf #2)

    Glitter (The Golden Wolf #2)

    Shannon Mayer

    · 15 ratings · published 2023

    I thought that my biggest problem was a curse that turned me into a golden retriever instead of a wolf. Then I accidentally took on a second curse that bound my fate to that of the world’s. If I die, everyone else goes down in flames too. Ragnarök is now in my hands. Great. Talk about pressure I don’t need. Did I mention everyone trying to kill me? My mate. My brothers. My mother. What a clusterfluck... more

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