Purity Series by Skyler Mason

3.41 · 31 ratings
  • Faithless (Purity #.5)

    Faithless (Purity #.5)

    Skyler Mason

    · 14 ratings · published 2022

    From the moment we locked eyes, Mark Walker wanted to own me.Rich, smooth-talking, and handsome as sin, he swept me away to his glamorous world and put a giant rock of a diamond on my finger before I could blink. We were happy at first. We built a home, a family, and a life that seemed perfect on paper. Until one day, I messed it all up with the first man to steal my heart. Fifteen miserable years later, Mark still hasn’t forgiven me... more

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  • Shame (Purity #2)

    Shame (Purity #2)

    Skyler Mason

    · 17 ratings · published 2023

    She's a good girl raised in purity culture. He's the campus bad boy. When he uses her to get revenge, stealing her virginity, she steals his heart instead.Beautiful and prim Vanessa is the perfect pawn in Carter’s revenge scheme. Who better to humiliate his wealthy religious family than the girl who just announced on social media that she’s planning to lose her virginity in thirty days?Their arrangement will just be an exchange of services... more

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