Vlasov Bratva Series by Nicole Fox

4.11 · 37 ratings
  • Arrogant Monster (Vlasov Bratva #1)

    Arrogant Monster (Vlasov Bratva #1)

    Nicole Fox

    · 18 ratings · published 2022

    I just crashed my car in the middle of nowhere.Luckily for me, someone showed up to save me.Unluckily for me, that person is a runaway criminal.Daniil Vlasov.He’s six and a half feet of blue-eyed broodiness.He won’t tell me a single thing about who he is or what he’s doing out here.But it doesn’t take a genius to realize this man screams danger.I do the only thing I can do: play along.That’s how I end up as his fake fiancé.That’s how I end up camping in the woods on a fake honeymoon... more

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  • Arrogant Mistake (Vlasov Bratva #2)

    Arrogant Mistake (Vlasov Bratva #2)

    Nicole Fox

    · 19 ratings · published 2022

    Running from my wedding was a mistake.But only because I should’ve kept running.If I’d just kept running right past Daniil Vlasov, none of this would’ve happened.My daughter wouldn’t be missing.My heart wouldn’t be broken.My life wouldn’t be in shambles.Some loves burn so hot they hurt.Daniil says we’re going to make it through this fire…But I’ve already messed up so many times.Will trusting him be the last mistake I ever make?Arrogant Mistake is Book 2 of the Vlasov Bratva duet... more

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