Underboss Insurrection Series by Cate C. Wells

3.85 · 101 ratings
  • Run Posy Run (Underboss Insurrection #1)

    Run Posy Run (Underboss Insurrection #1)

    Cate C. Wells

    · 66 ratings · published 2021

    She'd better run...Posy: When I fell for Dario Volpe, I thought he was Prince Charming, and I was the luckiest girl alive. He didn't care about my past. The talk. The stain on my family's reputation.Then he saw something I never wanted anyone to see.He cares now.This isn't a breakup, it's a warning shot, and if I want to get out of this bad romance alive, I have to run and never look back.Dario Volpe is no storybook hero... more

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  • Nicky the Driver (Underboss Insurrection #2)

    Nicky the Driver (Underboss Insurrection #2)

    Cate C. Wells

    · 36 ratings · published 2022

    He can’t take his eyes off me.I remember Nicky Biancolli from school. Back then, he was always staring. My cousin warned him off, and after that, he faded into the background. Now, ten years later, he’s in my mother’s kitchen at two in the morning, and there’s a dead man in a pool of blood on the floor. Lucca Corso—the rat who killed my father—says that if I don’t marry Nicky to make peace between our families, the little brother I raised is next.I don’t have a choice... more

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