The Dragon Queen Series by Sam Hall

4.35 · 33 ratings
  • Dragon Found (The Dragon Queen #1)

    Dragon Found (The Dragon Queen #1)

    Sam Hall

    · 20 ratings · published 2022

    I never intended to bond with a dragon.I definitely didn’t intend to become his wife.Now I must wed the Crown Prince, a man who is as cruel as he is handsome.Yet as soon as my dragon and I are presented to the king and queen, we are rejected.My dragon is not big enough, not good enough, and neither am I.So I’m shoved into the dragon rider corps to train to be a royal riderAnd told to find a husband among them.I know who I want... more

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  • Dragon Fight (The Dragon Queen #2)

    Dragon Fight (The Dragon Queen #2)

    Sam Hall

    · 13 ratings · published 2023

    LIKELY TO BE PUBLISHED IN FEBRUARY 2023I escaped the terrible queen’s clutches so I should be safe, right?Apparently the fates didn’t get the message because while I’m on my honeymoon someone tries to kill me.Twice.And right in the middle of it is him.Crown Prince Draven.He’s waiting until my guard is down, but is it to kiss me or kill me?Or both?Find out more in the sequel to Dragon Found!This is an adult fantasy romance story featuring dragon riders, not dragon shifters.

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