Brothers of Hawthorne Hall Series by Leila James

4.27 · 60 ratings
  • Kingston: Dark College Bully Romance (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #1)

    Kingston: Dark College Bully Romance (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #1)

    Leila James

    · 18 ratings · published 2022

    Three men, two choices, and one secret …A year ago, my best friend received an exclusive invitation to join an elite brotherhood at Kingston University. He went into Hawthorne Hall for his initiation … but never came out.I intend to find out why.The brotherhood would never knowingly invite a female into their ranks. So what if I forged my father’s signature on the recommendation? With a name like Elliot Ashford, they’ll never see me coming... more

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  • Cannon (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #2)

    Cannon (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #2)

    Leila James

    · 22 ratings · published 2022

    A Dark College Bully RomanceShattered trust, twisted games, and ugly truths …A female initiate is unheard of at Hawthorne Hall, but after forcing the brotherhood’s hand, they had no choice but to let me stay. My plan should have been simple: Find out what happened to my cousin and best friend in the world, Will.But nothing is as it seems. This brotherhood is steeped in tradition and built on loyalty, but the deeper I dig, the more I see fissures in their supposedly tight-knit group... more

  • Archer (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #3)

    Archer (Brothers of Hawthorne Hall #3)

    Leila James

    · 20 ratings · published 2023

    Secrets unearthed, promises made, and brotherhood bonds broken …Less than three weeks ago, my life flipped on its axis. After infiltrating a world designed for men, my role in the brotherhood became more than I ever dared it could be. I had a mission: find out what happened to my best friend and destroy everyone who was involved with his disappearance. Falling for them was never the plan... more

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